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Latvian Trade Union

The trade union Enerģija is one of the twenty member organizations of the Latvian Free Trade Union Confederation. Its aim is to unite energy sector trade unions to perform common tasks – to represent, defend the labor, economic and social rights and guarantees of trade union members.

The founding congress of the trade union Enerģija took place on May 18, 1990. It has 14 member organizations and more than 2,860 members. From December 2015 to August 2023, the chairman of the organization was Aivars Āboliņš.

The trade union Enerģija in cooperation with the Latvian Free Trade Union Confederation participates in the development of economic and social development programs, evaluation of draft laws, working groups on improving working conditions, wages, tariff policy, compulsory social insurance and social security, health care, as well as employment, vocational education and lifelong learning.

We highly value cooperation with social partners and other professional organizations in Latvia and abroad, as the exchange of experience and cooperation is the basis for sustainable development.


Lilta Vagele
Deputy Chairman of the Latvian Trade Union Enerģija

Mobile phone: +371 29207199
E-mail: info@energija.lv

LAB "Enerģija"
Bruņinieku iela 29/31, 319.kab., Rīga, LV-1001
Norēķinu konts: LV08UNLA0002000695695
E-pasts: info@energija.lv;
Tālrunis: +371 29427898